Monday 18 November 2019
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Raising children to overcome challenges

Parents usually do their best to provide and care for their little ones, but if asked, how many prepare these children for future challenges? What would your answer be? The world is no place for the soft-hearted, it needs people that are ready to take risks to reach success. The earlier the kids are enlightened about this, the better prepared they will be to give it a try, irrespective of the situation.  Here are a few tips on how to do so; Lead by example. When there happens to be a problem at home, find means of explaining to children in a way they can understand. However, show them that through certain means, the problem will be solved. Otherwise, if all you show kids is perfectionism, that is what they will grow up thinking, and when hard times kick in, they will have no idea how to handle it. Kids need to experience all situations, the good and the bad. Stay positive. However tough the situation is, whether sickness, lack of money, or worse, create a spirit of hope that there will be calmness even after the storm. Encourage kids that such a condition is normal but it will not last forever. Provide children with practice. Present obstacles that kids can deal teach them how to develop st encourage them to p and then make a big deal of it when they succeed. You can also involve children with planning family events, the pressure they will put in to make things work, will teach them a lesson. See problems as opportunities. Kids should be told that problems aren’t the end of the road, rather, chances to incur inner strength about the issue. If you do that, it will be a lesson that they will carry on even when they grow. Give them the right tools. Impart motivation, self-confidence, perseverance, faith, the strength of character, sound judgment, and experience in solving small problems. Facilitate solution-oriented conversations. While together as a family, bring situations that would require the little ones to think and give solutions. Kids need to be involved in home situations.  Allow them to give ideas on what is happening. Teach prayer. Let the little ones know that with God’s strength, they can make it, therefore, they should be able to pray always. Lay a basis. Patience and humility are very important as they help kids be prepared in case of any obstacles. Attitude matters. Kids need to be told how to handle both short and long term hardships. For in if a child is disabled, they should be motivated to keep living positive and know that they are created in God’s image. They also need to be trained to care for people with problems, offer help to the sick or the disabled, and not mock them. Problems are ways to grow strong. It is pretty obvious that after a child trying their best to fight any problem, they will be stronger the next time it happens.

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