Friday 7 August 2020
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EDITORIAL: Crackdown on errant private schools was timely

In the run-up and the continuous festivities to celebrate the 26th anniversary of the Liberation, the main point that most people concur with is that the greatest achievement in the last two-decades-and-a-half was equal opportunities for all. Although the liberation struggle came at a high cost, with over a million dead and a country completely destroyed, it did not deter the new government from embarking on what – at that time – was regarded as an enormous cha rebuilding the country from scratch. What was most urgent was creating a pool of skilled manpower since many had either fled the country or killed during the Genocide. The former exiles who were now back in the country as well as the few survivors could not fill the void. Urgent plans were needed. Individuals and organisations were encouraged to build schools which today dot nearly all parts of the country. Education was no longer the privilege of a few. But as has been pointed out on several occasions, the mass creation of higher institutions of learning came at the expense of quality education. Many were seen to be acting like mercenaries whose only interest was money and not imparting quality education. It was just a matter of time before the axe fell and recently another two universities were closed and their owners and heads arrested, including a former Prime Minister. Those actions were necessary to send a strong m education is not a business venture even though it can be profitable, but schools’ first obligation is to their students, not their pockets.

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