Friday 7 August 2020
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The role of parents in shaping learners

It is said that a kid’s education starts from home. Parents are the first teachers and have a key role in shaping character. Parental encouragement plays a crucial role in grooming successful students and their role is not limited to the home, but various school activities too.  John Mary Musinguzi, the head teacher at Lead International School, Kigali, says parents are the first role models of their children. Whatever they do is what their children learn and do. “They guide children on what to expect and how to overcome challenges. Remember, they witnessed this and have ideas on how to overcome it,” he says. Parents must take active interest in the events surrounding their children, and help with problem-solving and critical thinking.  It’s the duty of every parent to discover, appreciate, and nurture their children’s skills, Musinguzi adds.  “The growth of a child lies in allowing them to make some decisions of their own. It is important for a parent to allow the children to make these decisions to grow strong and independent,” he notes. Diane Mushimiyimana, a mother of one, says the role of parents starts from home-based care and nurturing up to monitoring school life regularly.  She says that the role of parents’ starts when children are little, through assisting them with their homework and disciplining them.  Parents must nurture their children in a fruitful manner so as to become exceptional citizens.  Samantha Ikaze Muhumuza, a student at Green Hills Academy, is of the view that since children are curious and inquisitive, they need a guide, a mentor — someone to show them the right path. It is the role of a parent to nurture the child emotionally, physically, mentally as well as spiritually. “Patents are responsible for providing an environment which best suits that child’s unique needs. Children also need to be heard when they have something to say, that’s how their confidence develops.  “Children whose parents never listen to them are left wondering if what they have to say makes sense, or who they can open up to in case they want to air out their views and concerns, which destroys their self-esteem,” Muhumuza says.  She notes that parents also contribute to the mental development of the child. For example, they make sure that their children eat healthy food for proper growth. Muhumuza points out that the development of children requires parents to be sensitive to their needs, present emotionally, communicate effectively, provide love and support, set routines for playtime, sleep and eating, make time for  a family gathering regardless of their busy routine, and talk to the child even when tired. They should also build trust and help the child understand the importance of speaking up and being honest.

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