Sunday 7 March 2021
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Employee l why it matters

Loyal employees work for the betterment of the company and contribute extensively to its productivity. A loyal employee creates the value required for a company’s success. Some employers put a lot of effort into boosting customer loyalty and forget one vital aspect which is employee loyalty. And here is why it m Loyalty boosts the business According to Diane Abatesi, a business owner in Kigali, employees give comprehensively to the productivity of the company. They are able to create what’s valuable and will help the business grow because customers are attracted to value. Loyalty speeds up production in a short time The article ‘6 Reasons Why Corporations Should Care About Employee Loyalty’ when a company is under fire or experiencing a delay in production, loyal workers will always know to stay above water and not give in to the slump. They will stay loyal and dedicated to the organisation during all of the ups and downs. They will also work to come up with solutions or ways to keep everyone else motivated as well. Loyalty and communication Abatesi adds that effective, honest communication can bind employees and employers together. If the staff is talking to each other on the job, that’s a major step towards building a good team. Employees who look forward to talking to their colleagues and bosses about the company are more enthused about work and their own abilities. She says that if the situation gets messed up at work it can kill employees’ faith in the company if there is no proper communication as they worry whether they will be paid or not, or laid off. “Talking honestly about the situation can strengthen employees’ trust. The best companies don’t wait until disaster strikes to start communicating. If the company’s been honest and communicating effectively all along, they have a valuable collection of trust built up,” Abatesi says. Loyalty solves conflicts Frank Mugarura, CEO of Gravity Rwanda, Nyarugenge, explains that loyalty of an employee ‘brings great revolution in the entire organisation’. This loyalty has helped his organisation achieve its goal of continuing in the right direction.  The loyalty, he says, also enables the organisation’s productivity and hospitable establishments with the third parties. When you think of loyalty in the workplace, you probably think of loyalty from customers. While customer loyalty is important, there’s another group that’s equally important.  Loyalty enhances customer service Mugarura says that loyal employees are happy to work. This leads to them extending their appreciation to others, namely customers. When employees are loyal, they want to give the business the best possible reputation. Any kind of communication issues will need to be resolved right away. Customers might feel frustrated by a situation, but they appreciate it when helped by people who care. This can lead to positive words about the business when talking to friends or others, he adds. More people will want to work for the company If your employees are being treated well and there is a strong foundation of employee loyalty in the workplace, they will soon be encouraged to spread the word about how well they are being treated. “You might even find people who are interested in working for your business based on the positive experiences of your employees. Providing the right training can help employees feel more capable and empowered, which will improve their quality of life and their work ethic,” Mugarura says. Loyalty boosts hard work Mugarura says that it’s hard to feel motivated to work hard for a company that doesn’t appreciate you. When employees are loyal to a business, they instinctively want to put in more effort. If you want to have harder working employees, you will need to cultivate loyalty among them that you currently have. Encourage them with positive reinforcement and constructive criticism. Remember that the best thing you can provide as a boss is guidance. If your employees are struggling in a certain area, it doesn’t mean that they don’t want to work. Intervening to help them figure out a path to success can be great, Mugarura adds. Loyalty and employee turnover Mugarura says that if you are constantly hiring new people, it’s a pretty good sign that employee loyalty is an issue. Not everyone connects with a business, but you should be able to have some sort of stability with your staff. When you hire new employees, they feel better about their new work environment due to the number of co-workers who have stuck around.  Let your team be open about what sort of improvements they would like to see around the office. Employee loyalty comes from showing your workers that you view them as people who make a difference for the company. You need to consider things from their perspective in order for them to be as loyal as possible.

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