Saturday 17 April 2021
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newtimes - 1 month ago

Give these women medals

More medals I should say, seeing as they’ve all had glittering careers and have garnered multiple accolades already but you know what they say—‘she who’s blessed will receive even more’—or something to that effect. So here are some women I find inspiring. Oprah One woman I’ve consistently looked up to right after my own mum. I love everything about Oprah, from her activism and television work to her mentorship programmes, rich reading culture and philanthropy. In my head, she’s my other mum and in case anyone’s worried about my mum, don’t be. She’s not jealous and, in fact, loves Oprah too. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala First of all, I envy her resume. While I can fit mine on one page, hers must require several box files! But there’s also the fact that she’s probably never held a ‘bad’ job. The first woman and first African to serve as World Trade Organisation Director-General, having worked with the World Bank for over 25 years. She also served as foreign and finance minister for her native Nigeria, worked with the African Union and served in numerous advisory roles. Like I said, I wish my CV was as impressive! I can’t believe she had to ‘fight’ for the WTO position though. They’re lucky to have her and her appointment should never have been contested because she’s in fact overqualified for the job but you know, sexism and racism. Anyway, there’s no doubt in my mind that she will exceed all expectations. Michelle Obama Where do I start? She’s so accomplished yet grounded, confident but not proud. She has never forgotten where she came from and she’s certainly not one of those people who would jump at the opportunity to remind you how much smarter and better off they are than you. I loved Barack Obama first but Michelle is special. Serena Williams The sister I never had and the definition of drive. She could have retired several years ago but continues to work on her game. If only my mediocre self pursued my goals with as much zeal, maybe I’d have set or broken records of my own! Meghan Markle I don’t know how the tabloids and bigots who continue to hound Meghan sleep at night. Even after she up and left Britain, they won’t leave her alone and through it all, she smiles through her pain. Had I been at the receiving end of such abuse, criticism and scrutiny, I’d have lashed out a long time ago. Beyoncé Don’t you just love how Beyoncé is all about her music and art? She could be out there picking fights with haters or beefing with rival artistes on social media but no, if Queen Bey wants to say something, she drops an album or documentary and I love that about her. Our own First Lady, Germany’s Angela Merkel, New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern and all the women tirelessly fighting for equal rights, equal pay, an end to gender-based violence, child marriage, FGM, Covid-19 and other global challenges. You can see the difference ladies make. So, who’re the women who inspire you?

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