Wednesday 12 May 2021
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Benefits of punctuality at work

One of the traits that show professionalism in the workplace is punctuality. It displays a person’s respect for people and time and, it is also favours a person to stand out as reliable and trustworthy. As an employee, being punctual establishes their reputation as a dependable and consistent worker. If you work for someone or yourself, it’s imperative to respect time for these reasons. It increases your credibility Nicholas Lubwama, the CEO of E4E, an IT firm located in Kigali says that some employees think that security is based on their performance but there is more to it because time is much more valued.  “Employees that work and accomplish their tasks on time win favour from their bosses. However much you are smart but report late to work or do things at the last minute, there is a possibility of getting disorganised or producing raw work,” he says.  Being late weakens your position He also notes that no one wants to work with someone who always gives apologies for being late. It may even make the company lose trust from potential clients just because of one person’s misrepresentation. Being late is rude to those whom you keep waiting and communicates clearly to others that you don’t value their time. Even employers look for punctual people in case of a promotion, he adds. Sign of professionalism  Lubwama adds that punctuality helps you stand out as a reliable and trustworthy employee. Being punctual assists you to establish your reputation as a dependable and consistent worker.  In an interdependent work environment, everything runs so fast, which is why you require doing your best to keep things running smoothly, he says.  Gives time to plan your day Lubwama stresses that there is something about time that can’t be taken for granted. It allows you to settle down from the rush and panic and plan for the day and how you can be able to execute the tasks. But also finish work early which is even possible to leave work early, perhaps have enough time for your personal stuff too.  Reduces stress  Reporting to work on time and doing things on time, reduces the unnecessary work pressure, and prevents you from blaming others for any situation that you couldn’t have given your whole.  Boosts your self confidence “Punctuality at a workplace also boosts your confidence, as you have enough time to accomplish the day’s work and report to your manager. Who wouldn’t be confident when they know what to do and when to do it? Respecting time will give you self-assurance on every task you do, since you won’t be dependent on excuses,” Lubwama states. Punctuality is linked with integrity and shows you can be depended on. According to Successful speakers website, being in the habit of always arriving on time shows that you are a person of integrity. Any kind of appointment is like a promise to be there. So, if you have arranged a meeting for 10:00 and you show up at 10:15, you have broken your promise. This can have an impact on your reputation. “Most successful people view their time as their most valuable asset. A lack of punctuality causes them to lose part of their essential asset. So, if time is money, a lack of punctuality could actually cause the other person to lose resources. This undoubtedly has a negative effect on how they view you. In fact, you may be viewed as inconsiderate, irresponsible, or even rude.”

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