Tuesday 18 May 2021
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newtimes - 1 month ago

The importance of self-discovery

When we are on our personal journey, oftentimes we are striving to find our authentic self. This journey can involve looking at our values, natural talents and abilities, passions, capabilities, and what inspires us.  All of these things and many more, are all part of self-discovery. Well, it has been established that self-discovery doesn’t necessarily mean beginning a new journey away from your current life to find yourself. This, however, can still be different for each person but the ultimate goal is to find a sense of balance in life. Regardless of whether one is a busy working parent, an office worker, or even a student clueless about their direction in life, the journey of self-discovery is a must. Boitshepo Balozwi, a mentor and career coach working with Women in News says, to start with, confidence is key and that this comes with being more in touch with yourself and understanding what it is that you want. She explains that when we live for others, it is hard to find the space to tend to ourselves. Through self-discovery, we can find a deeper connection between who we are and who we want to be, allowing us to truly tend to our needs. Also, through self-discovery as a process, so many things can be revealed and the benefits can be transferred in other areas of our lives such as our relationships. “With self-discovery we actually come to accept ourselves more and as a result, we care less about others approval. As a person, you begin to be more comfortable with yourself,” she says. Moving forward, Mathias Nkeeto, an educator and mentor, says self-discovery comes in to help us identify our abilities, how we can leverage and develop them. Because through self-discovery people can discern what they are passionate about, it’s easier to grasp the concepts and accept them. Thus we find paths that we want to pursue and will make us happier, he says. Nkeeto goes on to note that it’s not out of the question that the more we understand ourselves, the more we develop a deep care and consideration for our body. Hence, self-discovery can also help us in being physically healthier as well as help us on the mental side of things. “This is why one becomes mindful of what it is that they eat–it’s also why some people see morning walks and days at the gym as a form of self-care. Those things are obviously important to living a healthier lifestyle,” he says. But while all of these things are important, experts reveal that many people don’t consider them and hence suffer the consequences. When a person doesn’t know who they really are, it’s hard for them to understand them something that can at times lead to believing that their existence is meaningless which causes unhappiness. Balozwi says people who also don’t know themselves often lack control over their emotions and decisions and have those things be determined by external factors. People wear what others wear or what people think is trending. People will also act and be involved in certain activities because that’s what others are doing, she notes. In the end, she says if one doesn’t participate in self-discovery, their goals, core beliefs and values will be dictated by those they associate with or by society in general. And that, it’s for this reason self-discovery is so important.

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