Sunday 23 January 2022
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newtimes - 11 days ago

Tonzi on her new album ‘Amakuru’

GOSPEL ARTISTE, Tonzi entered the New Year with a brand new album ‘Amakuru,’ released on January 7, in which she sings about how God gave us all the information we need to live a full life and serve him. Speaking to The New Times Tonzi, real name Clementine Uwitonzi, said,  “I am overwhelmed with joy that God blessed me enough to deliver this album. I named it ‘Amakuru’ which means ‘information.’ God created everything with the word, and he gave us all the information that we need to live a full life of serving him and living with love and gratitude without allowing Satan to guide us since we know our value in Jesus Christ.” The singer added that she did this album based on the word on the scripture 2 Peter 1:5; which says, “But also for this very reason, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue, to virtue knowledge.”  For Tonzi having knowledge is the key to standing still and being a conqueror with value and no fear of the future. Amakuru is a 10-song album. Two of them were already out as a way of alerting people about the album and the remaining eight titles were revealed as the whole album was released. When asked about the time this project had been under production, Tonzi replied, “This was not an easy job, it took almost one year to finish it up.” She added that she is receiving so much positive feedback from the au the fellow artistes, both Gospel and secular, among others. So many studios and producers worked on ‘Amakuru Album’. Producer Mok Vybz and Producer Papito from Switch On Studio worked on ‘Amakuru’, ‘Penda’, ‘C’est Toi’ and ‘Umugisha’. Producer Fabrice Nzeyimana worked on ‘Waranyirokoreye’. Producer Livingstone Legacy worked on ‘Ubukwe’, ‘Abanyabwenge’ and ‘Kubera Wowe’. Producer Nicolas from Ishusho Ltd Studio worked on ‘Ndagushima Mana’ and producer Papa Emile from Future Records Studio worked on ‘I Worship You’ while the one who did the videos is Gerald Kingley. Tonzi told this publication that she wanted to do an album of her songs without collaborations but was quick to add that she hopes to do another album with collaborations.  “I have some songs that are collabos with fellow artistes, and the album will be soon out. In fact, the talent in me overflows like a waterfall and I won’t stop making albums so that people of God can easily access the messages via songs since technology made it simple.”

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