Saturday 22 January 2022
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newtimes - 11 days ago

How to land your dream job in 2022

Dreaming has now become a trending topic. This is weird to me because I can remember being scolded by teachers for dreaming too much while in class. Needless to say, dreamers now have the spotlight and the importance of vision is at the top of almost every conversation. So, what does this have to do with landing your dream job?  Well, first and foremost you must have a dream. In order to define your dream job, you have to first dare to dream. FYI, please don’t take the word ‘dare’ lightly! Daring to dream can prove much harder than you think.  Some might even argue that our communities have been fighting the disease of ‘the colonised mind’ for the past 400 years until now, hence, the difficulty for some of us to envision ourselves beyond our current circumstances. Therefore, step one is - Dare to dream Step two - Define your vision Ok, so now you have the dream, the next step is to define it. Ask yourself - What is the specific role or opportunity you are seeking to create? This is not as simple as it seems. In fact, this is where many people go wrong. Most people give a general answer here, like, “I want to be a boss” or “My dream job is to be a teacher.” Instead, challenge yourself to get as specific as you possibly can. For example, “I want to own a successful bread bakery in my hometown” or “My dream job is to be a teacher at an international high school.” As you craft your vision, you will find that you will get clearer and clearer and become more specific as you go along. Step three - Research  Take your time on this step. Proper research can give you a head start to landing your dream job! I like to use the 5Ws (Who, What, When, Where, Why) and H (How) to guide me: Who are the leading persons in this field? What qualification or skill do I need? When do they typically recruit or when are grants available? Where are these jobs or opportunities available? Why are these companies or organisations successful? How can I break into the market?  Exploring these questions is a guaranteed blueprint for success. Step four - Network and gain experience Network! Network! This is where you take charge of your time and use it wisely. A key question to answer is - How are you spending your time? Self-management will play the leading role in your quest to land your dream job!  Network and gain experience. Net photo. In reference to step 3 how? - identify any clubs or associations that are aligned with your career or entrepreneurial path. Join them and become an active member. Take the initiative and reach out to companies and organisations and volunteer. Take advantage of the rise in the virtual workforce due to the pandemic and go for it! You now have the chance to work in an international company right from the comfort of your home! Step five - Resume check Even though this is the final step, it’s by no means definitive. In fact, it’s a continuous process that you should revisit every quarter or at least once a year. Why? Experience has proven that this quote by Les Brown is indeed factual - “it’s better to be prepared for an opportunity than to get an opportunity and not be prepared.”  How can you say that you are ready to land your dream job and your resume is not updated or intact? So, let’s hit the ground running in 2022 and land our dream jobs! The writer is a Business English Coach and Trainer helping English learners become more confident English speakers

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