Saturday 22 January 2022
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newtimes - 11 days ago

The value of owning your mistakes at work

We all know that it’s normal to make mistakes, whether at work or in any other scenario.  However, how one handles this situation is what matters, and also, it speaks volumes about who they are as a person. In order to own up to the errors we make every now and then at work, it takes high levels of honesty, integrity, and courage. Prince Aime Murara, the deputy secretary-general, Education for Nations and Humanitarian Africa (ENHA)-Girubuntu, says owning up to your mistake is a vital trait that can help build your reputation, especially at the workplace. He says in most cases, some like giving excuses. “People don’t like to hear excuses. If you do something wrong, it’s best to be upfront about it. If you realise you were incorrect about something, own up to it.” The first step is admitting what happened, this could be sharing with your immediate supervisor or those who are concerned, Murara says. This, he says not only will promote transparency, but also demonstrate professionalism, a feature most employers greatly value. He adds that the best part about admitting mistakes is that it makes one become trustworthy around others. Apart from just owning up to what you have done, it also helps you be aware of what happened and therefore be in position to learn from it and make the next move, Murara notes, adding that it can also help build one’s confidence, especially in their career. Othaniel Nimbabazi, a youth leader and human-centred designer says admitting when you’re wrong builds trust and shows integrity. He says that in cases where the supervisors or leaders fail to admit their mistakes, it puts the employees or those working under them to think that being right all the time is the way to go than simply being honest. “Taking responsibility demonstrates that those in charge of others value integrity over the easier way of laying blame or hoping their mistake won’t be exposed,” he says. Besides, he says that admitting when you’re wrong also shows one is willing to show vulnerability and transparency. According to him, this trait further cultivates a sense of trust, adds to your credibility as a leader, and most importantly, earns one the respect that is needed while at the work place.

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