Saturday 22 January 2022
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newtimes - 11 days ago

How to show dedication in the workplace

Dedicated employees are those who care about the company ext they give work their all. Such people are interested in growing and learning more skills not only for personal growth, but for the success of the company as well.    Undedicated employees on the other hand are likely to lose morale at work as they are either not motivated or just work with the aim of getting paid. They won’t go the extra mile or sacrifice to see the company all they care about is the pay check.  You may wonder where to start from as far as developing dedication for your work is concerned, but this is According to Peace Musiime, an accountant in Kigali, you can cultivate dedication for your work if you learn to work as a team. This is because working together comes with better results, and you get to be equipped with diverse skills. Plus, tasks are divided between members thus accomplishing work and submitting it on time. She stresses that to be devoted to your work calls for seeking solutions to the problems affecting the company.  “Some employees are less concerned about what’s taking place, even when their advice or voice would save the company from mistakes or losses. However, taking the initiative to be involved in the company’s business can assist it in many ways possible. When you feel like you’re part of an organisation, you become comfortable to advice where necessary.” Musiime highlights that there is no harm in working extra time once in a while, particularly when trying to meet a deadline or wishing to volunteer in certain tasks.  Good works are actually not left unnoticed as that’s how some people are elevated to better positions. She also points out that devoted employees ought to treat co-workers and customers with respect on top of heartening, helping, empowering, and focusing on upholding a happy and pleasant office environment. The accountant further states that fervent workers must possess a high work ethic, by believing in the prominence of their job and naturally feel that hard work is essential in preserving a solid character. Jeanne Abatesi, a communications specialist is of the view that devoted employees work on time, take on additional work, and care about their job thus producing high-quality work. They look through tasks before submitting them. She carries on that such employees view challenges as a thrilling opportunity to learn something new, and in the same spirit, assist their team members to adapt to such changes. But also, their positive attitude enables them to build a more inspiring work environment.  “Showing up at work and reporting for meetings on time shows strong time-management skills. Such people are taken seriously at work, and being able to meet deadlines is not something that everyone finds easy to do, it’s only the devoted people that know the essence,” she says. Abatesi also highlights that people who are dedicated have a unique virtue, which is motivation. It’s the motivation that empowers them with skills to enable them to push through the day. Such employees also ask for feedback from their managers as a way to see how to improve themselves. She also stresses that devoted employees take the chance to know the history, mission, values, and vision of the business, and align themselves for the smooth running of the company.

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