Sunday 23 January 2022
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newtimes - 11 days ago

How to succeed in a new role

A new job or role at work can be exciting and a big boost to one’s career. However, it can also be a tad challenging even for the diligent and most competent people. In order to succeed, one has to put some factors into consideration. Mind your first impression When starting out a new role, it’s important to make an amazing first impression. You only have one chance to do that, and this stage is very crucial to your long-term success. Dress appropr have a neat and decent appearance, arrive early at work, ensure you meet your deadlines, all of these things matter especially when one is still new. Prepare  It’s important to prepare yourself ahead of time before starting a new job. Understand possible challenges with the people you work with or the position itself, and make yourself ready, especially mentally. Ensure to make ample research about what your new role requires for you to succeed at it.  Get to know your team  You could be in a managing po this may require you to get to know better the people you will be leading. Talk to them, and if possible, set up a one-on-one meeting with them.  Understand what makes them tick, their strengths, weaknesses, their personalities, and how best to deal with them. It’s important to also allow them to know you, too.  Define success  As an employee, consider your company’s version of success before you set your goals on how to succeed. Get clarity on what they expect of you as an employee and as an overall organisation. This will help you understand the kind of goals you have to set and take the necessary steps to achieve them. Set healthy boundaries When you’re new at work, it’s easy to accept discomfort with certain things for fear of being labelled ‘difficult.’ This shouldn’t be the case however, because your co-workers will always treat you the way you let them. As a worker, communicate when something is bothering make it clear when you are uncomfortable with things such as gossip, office politics. By communicating this, you are setting boundaries for where your colleagues should or shouldn’t exceed when they are interacting with you. Ask questions  When you’re a new employee, it’s likely to want to appear proficient and poised as a way to prove yourself. Whereas this is great for first impressions, be flexible to ask questions, especially when there are things you don’t understand.

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